Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fly On (Forever Is Better With You) by Humming House

I can't believe I have been married 37 years.  We celebrated our anniversary on August 18th so I'm exactly a month late in posting this.  I have to go backward a little bit to where this story actually begins.  You see my hubby celebrated his birthday in June.  We had made plans to go to a concert at Levitt in Arlington.  I contacted Amber @LevittArlington about putting pictures of our grandchildren on the video board, wishing their Poppy happy birthday.  For a small donation to our favorite music venue which also happens to be a nonprofit organization, they posted this picture.

I looked up the band that was playing and it was Humming House.  Neither of us had heard of them.  I thought how neat it would be if I could get the band to dedicate a song to him.  Listening to them on YouTube, I immediately found a song called "Fly on (Forever is better with you)"  Then when I watched the video, I was smitten by the words, music, and oh my---the video. Even now the next part surprises me, but I contacted the band and asked them if they would play this song for him and they did and I was beyond excited.  My hubby had no idea so I totally shocked him and he had never heard the song before that night.  Let's just say it was pretty magical and this is our song and we love Humming House.  Thank you @Humminghouse for playing it.

Let's go back and paint up the hills
The colors may run, but we can be still
And the sky will break through the leaves
Like an old tapestry, and we can just be

As we, fly on, fly on
Just like we always do
Fly on, fly on
Forever is better with you
Oh, it's better with you

The seasons were kind, in spite of the storms
There's age in yours eyes, but the fire is warm
Out to the sea, this river it flows
Like an old mountain stream, my story it grows


The seasons were kind in spite of the storm
There's age in your eyes, but the fire is warm

In spite of the storm